Modules and extensions for Fighting Wings running with VASSAL


NEW!! 10 May 2007
Reorganized Module and Extensions


The following downloads replace the previous module, which had evolved over several years as I gradually learnt how to develop VASSAL modules.

Rather than being organized by theatre of operations which could result in duplicate aircraft, these are now organized by country. The core module has also been changed to allow features to be easily shared across all the Extensions, which should lead to fewer errors.


New Base Module - this goes in your top level target folder


Create a folder called "FW v1_ext" in that top folder, and put the following Extension files there. Do not unzip the files!

Warning to Mac users - make sure your system isn't set to automatically unzip files that are downloaded.


Finland 653kb
Germany 1,652kb
Great Britain 1,827kb
Italy 793kb
Japan 796kb
Spain 601kb
USA 1,878kb
USSR 1,215kb
Ships 83kb


14 Nov 2006 - Ju52 added to Spain
29 Nov 2007 - SB-2 bomber added to USSR
26 Feb 2008 - Shoho CVL added to Ships, P-40E added to USA 28 Aug 2009 - Germany, Great Britain, Ships refreshed to fix Moved indicator
25 Aug 2010 - Main module, bank and attitude indicators shown automatically
5 Sep 2010 - Finland extension, additional planes
11 Sep 2010 - USSR extension, added planes from Buffalo Wings
2 Mar 2014 - Added Fleet Air Arm Corsair (Temperate Sea Scheme) to GB
7 Feb 2015 - Changed file extensions to use vmod and vmdx
10 May 2015 - Added Wellington bomber and Me110F nightfighter to GB and Germany extensions
11 May 2015 - Added Lancaster, Halifax and Stirling to GB
13 May 2015 - Added Ki-45 to Japan, B-17E to USA, and updated Ju88A and Fw190A to Germany