This group was formed in December 2003 as a means of drawing together a team of people who have been involved in Great War archaeology at various sites in Northern France and Belgium.

We have a combination of full-time professional archaeologists and historians, in addition to several specialists in particular fields. More details of the people involved can be found in our Profiles section.

We are using archaeological evidence to supplement and in some cases challenge the historical record. The accepted view of the Great War (if there is one) is derived from a huge range of sources - film, photographs, memoirs, official histories - some contemporary, some not, in fact almost every form of evidence except the in situ remains of the fortifications, equipment and ordnance, often of the participants themselves.

Our 'mission statement' can be summed up as being "to promote the investigation, understanding and presentation of the Great War through Archaeology".

Of course, we do not work in a vaccuum and are always happy to operate in cooperation with other like-minded groups.

If you are interested in what we do and think you could contribute to our work, please send a brief c.v. and covering note to our secretary by following this link.